California Energy Commission

California Energy Commission
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Deadline Dates (ALL) 20-Nov-2015
Synopsis The State of California has set aggressive goals for increasing energy efficiency in existing buildings and setting zero net energy targets for new and existing buildings. The purpose of this solicitation is to conduct research, development and demonstration to help overcome technical and other barriers that prevent achievement of these goals. This solicitation will focus on piloting advanced technologies in existing and new buildings, developing strategies and models to identify the maximum level of energy efficiency that can be cost-effectively achieved by climate zone and building type, and demonstrating on a large scale integrated approaches to achieving zero net energy cost-effectively. This solicitation will fund integrated technologies, strategies, and demonstrations that emphasize energy efficiency packages that include, but are not limited to:

–Advanced building envelope materials or construction methods;

–Advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technologies and strategies, including right sizing systems and components based on increased energy efficiency;

–Building and occupancy controls or energy management systems for HVAC, lighting, plug loads and other energy-using systems;

–Advanced lighting technologies and day lighting controls; and

–Demand response technologies.

There is up to $31,000,000 available for grants awarded under this solicitation.

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