EPA’s Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Program: Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution and Development of Cardiovascular Disease

URL: https://www.epa.gov/research-grants/long-term-exposure-air-pollution-and-development-cardiovascular-disease

Open Date: 05/18/2016 – Close Date: 08/02/2016


Banner: Long-term Exposure to Air  Pollution and Development of Cardiovascular Disease

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announces the release of the Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution and Development of Cardiovascular Disease Request for Applications.

The effects of air pollution on the cardiovascular system account for the largest portion of the public health and economic benefits of the Clean Air Act. While several mechanisms are involved, chronic cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a slowly progressing condition, whose natural history develops through most of the human life span. The relationship between long-term exposure to PM2.5 and cardiovascular health effects has been determined as causal. However, long-term prospective studies that can inform and reduce uncertainties about the shape of the concentration-response relationship, especially at low ambient concentrations of PM2.5, or that will aid in the identification and/or further characterization of potentially at-risk groups and adult lifestages will be especially useful for public health protection strategies.

To address this research need, EPA is seeking applications proposing to expand and inform the understanding of the mechanism(s) by which air pollution contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease. Specifically, research is needed to estimate the total cardiovascular risk associated with exposure to air pollution, including indicators of early subclinical damage and novel endpoints, in addition to established morbidity and mortality outcomes.

This RFA is supported by EPA’s Air, Climate and Energy (ACE) research program and Science to Achieve Results (STAR) extramural research grants program.

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