Grant Funding Opportunity – GFO-16-301 – Improving Performance and Cost Effectiveness of Small Hydro, Geothermal and Wind Energy Technologies California Energy Commission

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Deadline Dates (ALL) 17-Aug-2016
Synopsis The California Energy Commission offers a grant funding opportunity for project that fall within the “applied research and development” stage, which includes activities that support pre-commercial technologies and approaches that are designed to solve specific problems in the electricity sector. Applied research and development activities include early, pilot-scale testing activities that are necessary to demonstrate the feasibility of pre-commercial technologies.

Funded projects will help increase in-conduit small hydropower, geothermal and wind power generation, expand in-state installed capacity and generation, and improve the reliability and flexibility of sustainable power systems. These projects will develop technologies which can be duplicated at different locations and will increase economic competitiveness of renewable generation and cost-effectiveness of investments. Projects must fall within one of the following project groups:

–Group 1: Expanding California’s use of in-conduit hydrokinetic power. Develop and validate technologies and tools that expand the use of in-conduit hydropower in California, leading to increased installed capacity and improved understanding of its benefits to the grid;

–Group 2: Improving the cost-effectiveness and operational flexibility of geothermal energy production. Develop new and advanced technologies, strategies, and tools that improve the cost-effectiveness and operational flexibility of geothermal energy production, extending the operating life of existing and new geothermal energy generation facilities;

–Group 3: Upgrading California’s aging wind turbines. Develop and upgrade technologies, strategies, and tools to maximize the use of wind energy resources in California, reduce the cost of energy and implementation, and improve reliability and flexibility of power systems with large-scale integration of wind energy.

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