Chemical Catalysis (CC) Directorate for Mathematics and Physical Sciences/NSF

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Deadline Dates (ALL) 30-Sep-2016
Synopsis The Chemical Catalysis Program supports experimental and theoretical research directed towards the fundamental understanding of the chemistry of catalytic processes at the molecular level. The Program accepts proposals on catalytic approaches, which facilitate, direct, and accelerate efficient chemical transformations. This includes the design and synthesis of catalytic species on the molecular, supramolecular, and nanometer scales as well as studies of the dynamics of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic processes. Processes of interest include (but are not limited to): polymerization catalysis, single site catalysis, and biologically-inspired catalysis. Applications of modeling, theory, and simulation to catalytic processes are also relevant. Fundamental studies of energy-related catalytic processes, CO2 conversion, electrocatalysis (such as in water splitting and fuel cells), and photocatalysis (such as in solar energy conversion) are welcome in the program.
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