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Jack Kimmel International Grant Program TREE Fund

Sponsor Website http://www.treefund.org/grants/research-grants Program URL http://www.treefund.org/grants/research-grants/kimmel Deadline Dates (ALL) 01-Oct-2016 Synopsis The TREE Fund’s Jack Kimmel International Grant will provide much needed funding to arboriculture and urban forestry researchers all over the world. Projects are expected to be completed within … Continue reading

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Rhizosphere Observations Optimizing Terrestrial Sequestration (ROOTS) Department of Energy

Sponsor Website http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=282948 Program URL https://arpa-e-foa.energy.gov/#FoaId063b5038-d272-4caf-91d0-d104bb80569b Deadline Dates (ALL) 08-Sep-2016 Synopsis SYNOPSIS: Rhizosphere Observations Optimizing Terrestrial Sequestration (ROOTS), is pursuing technologies that increase the precision and throughput of crop breeding for improved root-soil biogeochemical function. ROOTS seeks to develop novel, … Continue reading

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DFF-Research Project 2 – Medical Sciences (FSS) Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation

Sponsor Website http://ufm.dk/en/research-and-innovation/councils-and-commissions/the-danish-council-for-independent-research/for-applicants Deadline Dates (ALL) 28-Sep-2016 Synopsis In order to strengthen the quality of Danish research and develop the level of collaboration in the field of Medical Sciences, the Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) offers funding for research … Continue reading

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