Grant Funding Opportunity – GFO-15-507 – Natural Gas Energy-Related Environmental Research California Energy Commission

Sponsor Website
Program URL
Deadline Dates (ALL) 03-Oct-2016
Synopsis The California Energy Commission has issued a grant funding opportunity (GFO) which will provide funding for

Energy-Related Environmental Research that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves indoor air quality, develops energy scenarios for natural gas sector and assesses impacts of severe drought on the California natural gas infrastructure.

Projects must fall within one or more of the following project groups:

  • Group 1: Long-Term Strategic View of the Use of Natural Gas in a Carbon-Constrained, Water-Efficient Environment
  • Group 2: Measurement of Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from California’s Natural Gas System and Industrial Facilities and Development of GIS Lifecycle Emission Estimates
  • Group 3: Characterization of the impact of California Drought-Related Subsidence on California’s Natural Gas Infrastructure
  • Croup 4: Characterization of the Impact of Drought-Related Subsidence on Methane Emissions from Abandoned/Plugged Natural Gas Wells in California
  • Group 5: Indoor Air Quality: Assess the Impact of Ventilation on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), Health, and Human Performance in New and Retrofit Buildings


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