Engineering Next-Generation Human Nervous System Microphysiological Systems (R21) National Institute of Mental Health/NIH/DHHS

Program URL
Deadline Dates (ALL) 07-May-2017, 16-Jun-2018, 16-Oct-2018, 07-Sep-2019, 16-Oct-2019, 07-Sep-2017, 07-Jan-2020, 16-Feb-2019, 16-Oct-2017, 16-Feb-2017, 07-Jan-2019, 16-Feb-2018, 07-Jan-2018, 16-Jun-2017, 16-Jun-2019, 07-May-2018, 07-May-2019, 07-Sep-2018

National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its participating Institutes and Centers invite applications for research directed toward developing next-generation human cell-derived microphysiological systems (MPS) with improved fidelity to complex human brain, spinal, peripheral nervous system and/or sensory end organ circuit physiology in vivo, which will ultimately facilitate analysis of higher order functional deficits relevant to complex nervous system disorders. This FOA will use the NIH Exploratory/Developmental (R21) grant mechanism.

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