NLM Express Research Grants in Biomedical Informatics (R01) National Library of Medicine/NIH/DHHS

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Deadline Dates (ALL) 05-Oct-2016, 07-Jan-2018, 05-Jun-2019, 07-Jan-2017, 07-May-2018, 07-May-2017, 07-Jan-2019, 05-Feb-2017, 07-Sep-2018, 07-May-2019, 05-Oct-2017, 07-Sep-2019, 05-Jun-2017, 07-Sep-2017, 05-Feb-2019, 05-Jun-2018, 05-Feb-2018, 05-Oct-2018
Synopsis National Library of Medicine (NLM) offers support for innovative research in biomedical informatics and data science. The scope of NLM’s interest in the research domain of informatics is broad and interdisciplinary, developing methods and approaches in biomedical computing, data science and related information fields for application domains of health and biomedicine, including health care delivery, basic biomedical research, clinical and translational research, precision medicine, public health, biosurveillance, health information management in disasters, and similar areas. NLM defines biomedical informatics as the science of optimal representation, organization, management, integration and presentation of information relevant to human health and biology, for purposes of learning, sharing and use. This FOA will use the NIH Research Project (R01) award mechanism.
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