Vector-Borne Disease Regional Centers of Excellence


— Sponsor:                                        National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases/CDC/DHHS

— Sponsor Number:                        RFA-CK-17-005

— Deadline Date:                             13-Oct-2016

— Funding Amount:                        0.00


** Contact Name :                          Amy Yang

** Contact Telephone :                 404-718-8836

** Contact Email :                          AYang@cdc.go

** Program URL :                  

** Deadline Dates (ALL) :                             13-Oct-2016

** Synopsis :                     &nbsp;<br />National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID) invites applications to establish vector-borne disease (VBD) regional Centers of Excellence (COEs) aimed at building the capacity to address the problem of emerging and exotic vector-borne diseases in the U.S., including Zika virus infection. The specific goals of these centers are to: (1) conduct applied research to develop and validate effective VBD prevention and control tools and methods necessary to anticipate and respond to disease outbreaks; (2) train a cadre of public health entomologists with the knowledge and skills required to rapidly detect and respond to VBD threats in the United States; and (3) build effective collaborations between academic communities and public health organizations at federal, state, and local levels for VBD surveillance, prevention, and response. The ultimate objective is for these centers to help generate the necessary knowledge and capacity to enable appropriate and timely local public health action for VBD to be taken throughout the U.S., given significant regional differences in vector ecology, disease transmission dynamics and resources. A total of approximately $50.0 million is available. &nbsp;<p></p>


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