RFP — Amendment — Next Generation Eye Protection (Defunct) Department of the Army

56140 W911QY-16-R-0043 23-Nov-2016 0.00 USD
Program URL https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&tab=core&id=be634592f80d6a2dd37190adbb88f4a1
Deadline Dates (ALL) 23-Nov-2016
Synopsis  A — Next Generation Eye Protection SOL W911QY-16-R-0043 POC John B. Conlin, Contracting Officer, Phone 5082336164, Email john.conlin3.civ@mail.milThis is a Pre-Solicitation Notice for the U.S. Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG) Solicitation No. W911QY-16-R-0043. The US Army Contracting Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Natick Contracting Division (NCD) on behalf of the US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) intends to issue a solicitation under Authority of FAR Part 15 for Research and Development (R&D) efforts to deliver prototype systems capable of meeting Next Generation Eye Protection (NGEP) requirements. Eyewear must be capable of exceeding military ballistic fragmentation protection requirements for eyeprotection as currently outlined in MIL-PRF-32432, meet optical quality requirements, provide configuration(s) with laser eye protection, accommodate varying light conditions, and be compatible with the Universal Prescription Lens Carrier (UPLC) to accommodate Marines requiring vision correction. Since follow-on production is envisioned, the ability to produce protective eyewear in production quantities is also a key consideration.

The Government is anticipating awarding 1 or more firm fixed price (FFP) contracts with a period of performance of 12 months for the required services. The Government reserves the right to award one or no contracts as a result of the solicitation. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 339115 – Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing, with a small business size standard of 1,000 employees. The Government intends to solicit this requirement on an unrestricted basis.When released, the formal solicitation, including all amendments, exhibits and attachments, will be available in electronic medium on or about 3 August 2016via fbo.gov (TELEPHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).

A question and answer period will be available when the formal solicitation is released. During that time frame questions shall be submitted no later than the date specified in the solicitation when released. The Government will provideits answers to the questions. The Government will not guarantee a response to any question and/or clarifications after the submission deadline stated in the solicitation. All information regarding this requirement will be communicated via FBO. TELEPHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/be634592f80d6a2dd37190adbb88f4a1

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