Addressing Health Disparities through Effective Interventions among Immigrant Populations (R01) National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities/NIH/DHHS

58239 PA-17-043 05-Feb-2017 0.00 USD
Program URL
Deadline Dates (ALL) 07-Jan-2020, 07-May-2017, 05-Jun-2017, 07-May-2018, 07-Jan-2018, 05-Jun-2018, 07-May-2019, 05-Oct-2018, 07-Jan-2019, 07-Sep-2018, 05-Jun-2019, 05-Oct-2019, 05-Feb-2017, 07-Sep-2017, 07-Sep-2019, 05-Feb-2019, 05-Feb-2018, 05-Oct-2017
Synopsis National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its participating Institutes and Centers invite applications for innovative research to develop and implement effective interventions to address health disparities among U.S. immigrant populations. This FOA will use the NIH Research Project (R01) award mechanism.
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