Congress Passes CR to Keep Government Running Through April 28, 2017


I’m sure you’ve heard all about this in the news, but the fact is that the CR is merely a Band-Aid, and not a solution to the problem that basically requires actual agency appropriations. In short, most everything remains basically flat at FY-2016 levels. Funding for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 (after April 28) is not known nor assured.

The 114th Congress kicked the can for their appropriations responsibility to the incoming 115th which will take over January 3, 2017. The new congress, (in spite of the news media touting “America Wants Change”) largely consists of reelected incumbents, who will have to adjust to the new administration and political environment. They will have to finish out the remainder of a FY-2017 budget by April 28, 2017 (or do another CR) and pass a new FY-2018 budget by September 30, 2017. (Want to place any bets??)

The real story to the SBIR community is that these fiscal uncertainties put agency comptrollers and agency program managers at odds in determining what gets funded, and for how much. Usually SBIR/STTR programs usually remain low on the totem pole so perhaps we’ll once again get the “short end”..

Considering the short terms of these CRs and the uncertainty of future funding, you’ll see why agencies are hesitant to award contracts, let alone fund those that would extend out further than the CR would cover. They also have to deal with a flat budget at FY-2016 levels. The good news is that we’ve been this way before and survived. Just remain prepared and expect some delays.

Courtesy of  SBIR Insider, Zyn Systems

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