Smart on Juvenile Justice: Enhancing Youth Access to Justice Initiative


— Sponsor:                                        Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention/Department of Justice

— Sponsor Number:                        OJJDP-2017-10945

— Deadline Date:                             02-Mar-2017

— Funding Amount:                        0.00 USD


** Contact Telephone :                 800-851-3420

** Contact Email :                

** Sponsor Website :           

** Program URL :                  

** Deadline Dates (ALL) :                             02-Mar-2017

** Synopsis :                     <br /><p>This initiative will provide funding to (1) develop and implement standards of policy and practice to effectively manage well-resourced, statewide juvenile indigent defense systems; (2) develop state or regional resource centers to help state, tribal, and local juvenile defense systems enhance the quality of legal representation, leverage resources, and collect and analyze data to measure the effectiveness of specific initiatives; and (3) support community-based nonprofit organizations that provide direct civil legal services, mentoring, and reentry planning to youth in out-of-home placement who are transitioning or have recently transitioned back to their families and communities.&nbsp;<br /></p>

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