Healing Our Waters (HOW) Grant Program

Healing Our Waters (HOW) Grant Program
— Sponsor: Freshwater Future
— Sponsor Number:
— Deadline Date:
— Funding Amount: 15,000.00 USD

** Contact Telephone : 231-348-8200
** Contact Email : grants@freshwaterfuture.org
** Sponsor Website : http://freshwaterfuture.org
** Program URL : https://freshwaterfuture.org/grants/healing-our-waters-grant-program/
** Synopsis : The Healing Our Waters—Great Lakes Coalition, formed in 2005, reflects a growing public awareness about the urgent need to protect the Great Lakes. The Coalition seeks to secure a sustainable restoration plan and the billions of dollars of
state and federal funding needed to implement it. The coalition seeks to clean up sewage and toxic sediments, restore damaged habitat, protect high quality habitat, and control and prevent the introduction of invasive species, each of which is
an essential component of restoring the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

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