Fulbright Programs–Europe–Russia–Community College Administrators Seminar

Fulbright Programs–Europe–Russia–Community College Administrators Seminar
— Sponsor:                     Council for International Exchange of Scholars
— Sponsor Number:              8279-RS
— Deadline Date:                16-Oct-2017
— Funding Amount:               0.00 USD

** Contact Name :               Lauren Smith
** Contact Telephone :          202-686-8647
** Contact Email :              LSmith@iie.org
** Sponsor Website :            https://awards.cies.org/
** Program URL :                https://awards.cies.org/content/community-college-administrators-seminar
** Deadline Dates (ALL) :               16-Oct-2017
** Synopsis :           <p>The Fulbright Commission holds a seminar for community college administrators. They will participate in a group seminar that will focus on the role of community colleges in higher education and the local community, and, exchange knowledge and best practices with Russian administrators in postsecondary education and lay the groundwork for institutional relationships and collaborations; for example, faculty and student exchanges, cultural exchanges, specific training programs, summer ESL programs, summer study-abroad programs, program delivery in Russia, etc. </p><p>The seminar is two weeks in duration. Applicants must have a minimum of five years experience in community college administration. Open to community college administrators, including presidents, vice presidents, provosts, deans and other individuals with institutional authority for program development and international outreach. Applicants should be able to discuss issues concerning the U.S. system of higher education, the role of community colleges in this system and in local communities. Individuals without prior professional connections to Russia and whose home institutions do not have an established partnership or affiliation with Russian institutions of higher learning are encouraged to apply.</p>

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