Federal funding being retracted or suspended

Over the last few weeks a review of grant search engine results has shown a disturbing tend.  The term “temporarily suspended” has been associated with an increasing number of grant announcements.  L-&-D_logo.30

We have been preparing our clients for this eventuality for about a year now but the cold realization of the actual “temporarily suspended” notation on notice of funding availability (NOFA) is startling.

This might otherwise by of limited concern if not for a recent letter from a federal agency that stated that a program, for which a client submitted a response to an RFP, was no longer available for loss of funding.  In a detailed announcement, the agency stated (paraphrasing) that as stated on page 20, the agency was depending on available funds to to conduct the program and in their absence was cancelling the announcement.  They hoped we would apply for future NOFAs.

Nonprofits, community service organizations, non-governmental organizations and others are now faced with limited availability of funds and limited opportunities as federal agencies close programs for lack of funds.

L&D Associates does not have all of the answers but our experience and commitment to our current and future clients is of value in these difficult and challenging grantmaking times.  Our Associates are prepared to assist our clients in identifying, pursuing and applying for relevant grant opportunities and announcements.

Visit our web site and Contact Us page and find a local or regional office to contact.

Or connect with us on Twitter @landdnet or start a conversation here on this blog.

We believe we are well-positioned to assist you with your grantmaking needs.

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2 Responses to Federal funding being retracted or suspended

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  2. While not widespread, we see this announcement as a “canary in the coal mine” event. We have received some push back from others but we stand by the post. We believe this is not something to be ignored.

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