Behavioral Health Integration Initiative The purpose of the IHS Behavioral Health Integration Initiative (BH2I)

Behavioral Health Integration Initiative The purpose of the IHS Behavioral Health Integration Initiative (BH2I) grant opportunity is to improve the physical and mental health status of people with behavioral health issues by developing an integrative, coordinated system of care between behavioral health and primary care providers. This effort supports the IHS mission to raise the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of AI/ANs to the highest level. Increasing capacity among IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian Organization (I/T/U) health facilities to implement an integrative approach in the delivery of behavioral health services, including trauma-informed care, nutrition, exercise, social, spiritual, cultural, and primary care services will improve morbidity and mortality outcomes among the AI/AN population. In addition, this effort will support activities that address improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from mental illness, substance use disorders, and adverse childhood experiences. Other outcomes related to this effort include improved behavioral health services that will increase access to integrated health and social well-being services and the early identification and intervention of mental health, substance use, and serious physical health issues, including chronic disease. Applications for $500,000 are due September 14, 2017. More information for grantees is available at 2017-17103<>.


IHS Federal facilities: IHS-operated facilities may apply for a BH2I Federal program award. Please visit for more information.

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